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Voice Hands Heart - Service - Body - Couples counselingCouples often seek out counseling for one of three reasons. One, they want to strengthen their relationship as it is beginning and learn skills to support it over time. Two, they are experiencing a new degree of challenge and want to address it head on. Three, they are in a complete state of grief, utterly at odds with one another, trying to understand what happened. Regardless of how you identify as a couple and what issue you’re experiencing, couples counseling may provide help.

Couples counseling is all about exploring your relationship in depth, understanding how you are both uniquely wired,  and surveying what has happened in the history of your relationship. In every couples counseling process Lindsay provides relational coaching aimed at teaching you practical communication skills and emotional tools to help you connect to one another again. For more information on Couples counseling, contact us or call (720) 248-8572.

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Closeness and Independence- how to share space in the relationship
  • Communication- learning how to speak and how to listen
  • Values Exploration- discovering the values that bring unity to your relationship
  • Relational Dynamics- understanding your patterns and tendencies
  • Empathic Responding- learning how to communicate love in every interaction
  • Conflict Resolution- learning how to fight fair
  • Sexuality & Emotional Intimacy- relieving patterns of shame while strengthening connection
  • Relational Repair- learning how to mend and heal after relational ruptures

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Lindsay offers counseling for individuals regardless of the stage or particular set up of their relationship. Working on communication skills and knowing who you are individually is foundational to a healthy relationship. Both of these are aspects of a premarital counseling process.
Experiencing a separation or pending divorce is often one of the most painful relational experiences a person can go through. At Voice Hands Heart, Lindsay offers separation and divorce care whether a couple seeks to reunify with one another or peacefully part ways.
Yes! At Voice Hands Heart, we endeavor to inclusively support all individuals, couples and families. Lindsay offers counseling for life partners, recognizing that a couple need not be legally married to experience a vibrant, connected, relationship. Lindsay also offers counseling for LGBTQ identifying couples as they work to explore their relational needs.

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