Family Therapy

Voice Hands Heart - Service - Mind - Family TherapyIn addition to our work with individuals, we are passionate about providing services to families. In the last several years, we have had the opportunity to work with many families as they navigate transitions and challenges and learn to communicate and support one another in new ways.

Family therapy is all about learning… Learning how to be in loving relationship with others, learning how to allow each family member to be an individual,  learning how to ask for what you need, learning how to resolve conflicts, and learning how to offer your strengths.

Bringing someone you love into therapy with you can be incredibly meaningful. The only catch is they have to be committed to the process as well. In the family arena, therapy is all about co-creating sustainable and life-giving relationships, learning how to repair after relational ruptures, and learning the power of empathy.

At Voice Hands Heart, Lindsay welcomes families regardless of their unique needs or challenges. For more information on Family Therapy, contact us or call (720) 248-8572.

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Conflict Resolution- how to constructively resolve differences
  • Rupture and Repair- how to mend emotional wounds
  • Communication- how to ask for what you need in effective ways
  • Family Roles- how to understand your relational patterns
  • Transitions- how to navigate life change with greater ease
  • Boundaries- how to set limits that allow your family to flourish

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Lindsay has lots of experience working with families who have set the goal of reunifying with one another after a period of separation or estrangement. Family dynamics can be complicated and in some cases, family members take time away before reconnecting. Lindsay has helped many families repair relational ruptures so they can learn to connect to one another again. A process of family therapy for reunification takes time, commitment and courage. When all family members are invested, family therapy can be truly transformational.
Yes! As part of Lindsay’s professional training as a counselor, she is well equipped to offer psychoeducation to parents about various stages of childhood development. In every session, she also includes practical strategies to communicate with your child regardless of if they are 2 or 22!

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