Synergetic Play Therapy – For the Youngest Among Us!

Voice Hands Heart - Service - Body - Synergetic Play TherapyWhile talk therapy is helpful for many individuals, it is often quite challenging for children. This is because children are in a very different stage of development. Rather than using discussion to problem solve and cope with stressors, they use play!

Play therapy involves creating a safe and contained space for children to interact, practice new skills, and explore their perceptions of themselves and others. Children utilize play therapy toys to express what their world feels like. Understanding a child’s world in greater depth empowers parents to meet their child’s unique needs in ways they may not have imagined before.

Synergetic Play Therapy is a unique modality that focuses on helping children regulate their nervous system, increase self-awareness, and embrace their authentic self. This approach, developed by Lisa Dion, combines therapist attunement, tangible skills, and cutting edge neuroscience in a dynamic process.

Parents are invited to be involved as much as possible within the play therapy experience and parent sessions are woven into every SPT process to provide hands on coaching. Within this framework, the whole family is supported and both kids and parents walk away with tangible skills they can utilize in everyday life.

All children can benefit from play therapy regardless of their age or experiences. Play therapy can be especially beneficial for children experiencing a new life stressor, a new developmental milestone, or changes in their family. Play therapy has proven to be an invaluable healing tool for children who have experienced childhood trauma such as a sudden loss, abuse, exposure to substances or violence. For more information on Synergetic Play Therapy, contact us or call (720) 248-8572.

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Behavioral Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Childhood Depression
  • Sibling Conflicts
  • Foster Care/Adoption
  • Pro-social skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Sensory Processing
  • Attachment Disorders and Difficulties
  • Early Childhood Trauma
  • Life transitions

Frequently Asked Questions

Each and every one of us has the capacity to play. While play therapy is especially effective for children with an emotional age of 2-10 years of age, it’s important not to forget older kids! Pre-teens and teens can still benefit from the process of therapy. Synergetic Play Therapy is a highly adaptable modality that supports individuals of all ages. When working with older kids, Lindsay adapts her interventions and incorporates more talk therapy into sessions.
Lindsay is asked this question often and it’s an important one. Lindsay highly encourages parent involvement in the Synergetic Play Therapy process. In fact, she often establishes a 3:1 ratio, incorporating one parent session for every three play therapy sessions.
A Synergetic Play Therapy Process varies in duration. For clients who have experienced few developmental challenges, 16-24 sessions are recommended. For clients with more complex presenting concerns, the process may be longer. When contemplating whether to begin a play therapy process for your child, consider committing as though your child is participating in an extra-curricular activity such as soccer or theater. The process is most effective and enjoyable for everyone when you as a parent commit to support a complete process for your child.

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