Why Voice Hands Heart

We decided to create Voice Hands Heart because we recognized a DISCONNECT in the healing professions. We saw how counseling could help clients expand in remarkable ways, but there was still limited attention focused on the body. We saw massage therapy addressing aches and pains in the body while offering little attention to the stressors that created the physical discomfort to begin with. We experienced spirituality expressed in structured and established ways, with little attention given to mystery.

Then we thought…. What if we could integrate each of these disciplines into a beautiful, holistic, web of healing? What if we did so in such a way that each of the disciplines could play to their individual strengths, and communicate with one another? What if a person could go to ONE place and experience transformation, in dynamic yet grounded ways… through personal coaching, trauma counseling, yoga, energetic bodywork, massage therapy, and community connection?

What if we could provide education and dialogue through podcasts, blogs. webinars and retreats? What if the modalities were far reaching and diverse, but the vision and intention of each was the same? What if we, as a conscious collective, could create something meaningful and new, that would change all of our lives?

Voice Hands Heart is an integrative web of healing. We welcome anyone desiring to experience personal growth, community connection, spiritual exploration, trauma recovery, and whole body wellness to join us as we journey forward. We are just beginning. We welcome you to join us… as we step out into the unknown as our truest selves, and open up to the great wonder in the world.

Photographer: Kristina Saint

Lindsay Quella Kara

Jeremy Renta

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