While many individuals seek out massage therapy services because they wish to relax, others come to Voice Hands Heart addressing issues of pain in their daily lives. Some individuals experience occupational pain related to the physical demands or constrictions of their job. Repetitive tasks in their workplace have caused muscle tension, distracting them from their daily life. Other individuals experience pain related to athletic pursuits. Whether hiking to the Royal Arch, skiing in Breckenridge, or participating in a cycling event, the hobbies that invigorate can also cause pain, requiring professional attention.

As its name suggests, Massage for Targeted Pain is a service designed to specifically address areas of concern in order to reduce inflammation and support relief of physical aches. Targeted pain relief utilizes many of the modalities previously listed as well as Myo-therapy and Myo-fascial techniques to increase blood flow and healing to ailing areas. This modality is appropriate for many different experiences of pain as every session is individually tailored to support each client’s unique experience.

The primary purpose of Targeted Pain Relief massage therapy is to support an individual’s ability to experience any or all of the following:

  • Sports Recovery
  • Forearm & Wrist Maintenance
  • Neck & Shoulder Tension Release
  • Low Back & Hip Pain Relief
  • Occupational Pain Relief
  • Travel Recovery
  • Post-Surgery Support


How many sessions are required in order for me to experience pain relief?

Pain management is a complex issue that involves understanding the source and type of pain experienced. In cases where pain is generalized due to mild repetitive stress, an individual may experience high levels of relief in just a few sessions. In cases where an individual is recovering from a long-term holding pattern, surgery, or injury, longer term treatment may be required.