Group Co-facilitation

Voice Hands Heart - Service - group co-facilitationGroup process is the dynamic gathering and sharing of a group. At its very essence, group process is a model of learning TOGETHER. At Voice Hands Heart we love facilitating group process in educational settings, in therapeutic settings, and at retreats.

We’ve discovered that there are many environments in both the community and workplace where people interact in passing without really having the opportunity to get to know one another. Our group process is designed to bring teams of individuals together in one shared experience- to identify shared goals and values, and to increase cohesion in a cohort. In a group context, each person has an opportunity to create meaningful connection, to share their story, and to feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

We have found group co-facilitation most effective for groups of 5-35 people. The benefit of this learning model is that every participant contributes and receives insights from the cohort. Our group co-facilitation is both psychoeducational and experiential. Groups create an emotionally supportive environment for clients to learn concepts and self-express. Often the integration of therapeutic concepts happens more quickly in groups as clients have the experience of hearing the reflections of others.

We have found that groups are best run as an intensive model or on a consistent day/time for a limited number of weeks. If spread out over a span of several months, 6-8 group sessions are recommended. If completed as an intensive, 2 days of experiential group process are recommended. For more information on Group Co-facilitation, contact us or call (720) 248-8572.

The group process we offer generally has several phases. In an intensive weekend, each phase may occupy a single day. When group meetings are spread out over a longer duration of time, each phase typically occupies a few sessions.

  • Phase 1 – Group Norming, Self-Expression, Establishing Goals for Group
  • Phase 2 – Deepening into the Process, Exploring Shared Experiences, Gifts and Challenges
  • Phase 3 – Creating Meaning of Shared Experience, Closure, and End of the Group

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