The Journey

The Journey is Jeremy’s Signature offering at Voice Hands Heart. This service is a transformational healing modality uniquely developed by Jeremy as a result of considerable time spent studying the integration of energy healing and massage therapy.

Drawing from many modalities and theories, The Journey involves full body massage, guided imagery and breathwork, mantra and sound healing, and a combination of energy healing interventions.

This service is called The Journey because many clients describe it as such. It is intended to be a relaxing, deeply restorative experience that supports every aspect of the individuals on table process. Clients report experiencing physical relief, emotional healing, spiritual connection, personal clarity, creative inspiration, and deep rest.

The Journey is influenced by Jeremy’s personal studies in Vedic mantra, Kabbalism, spirituality, breathwork, holistic health and yoga. With client consent, Jeremy incorporates nurturing spiritual practices into every session.This modality is appropriate for individuals of all spiritual traditions. Jeremy respects every client’s individual beliefs and offers his expertise and skills without imposing his values on others.

The primary purpose of The Journey is to support an individual’s ability to experience any or all of the following:

  • Emotional Healing
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Exploration of Spiritual Practices
  • Physical Pain Relief
  • Trauma & Grief Recovery
  • Revitalization of Energetic Centers
  • Anxiety and Depression Relief
  • Somatic Healing
  • Whole Body Integration
  • Creativity
  • Connection to Self


What is breath work?

Just as stress can affect the holding patterns in our muscles, stress can also affect our breathing patterns. As we rush around in our daily lives, our breathing can become shallow. Often we don’t notice this shift until we are finally reminded to stop and take a deep breath. Guided breath work is the opportunity to do just that. In every session, Jeremy cues clients to take slow deep breaths in order to develop awareness and expand their breathing patterns. This regulates the nervous system and allows clients to breathe with greater ease.

What is guided imagery?

Our imagination is an incredible gift. When employed in the context of energetic bodywork, it can serve as a tremendous asset in the healing process. Utilized in many yoga practices, mindfulness modalities, and shamanic circles, guided imagery involves description of powerful positive images to enhance a client’s sense of well being and personal empowerment.

What is mantra and sound healing?

Mantra is the use of specific phrases that carry a unique vibration to draw in or direct energy for a desired purpose. Sound healing is the use of mantra, toning, song, or instruments to promote deeper relaxation and healing. Throughout The Journey, Jeremy incorporates empowering mantras into session that are relevant to issues a client is seeking to address. A vocalist and musician, Jeremy is passionate about utilizing his voice to support healing processes for others.