By: Jeremy Renta

Everything around us is composed of energy. From the food we eat, to the earth we walk upon, to the trees that grow around us, this world is teeming with life. Energy has patterns of collecting, sometimes creating vibrance and beauty, and other times creating challenge and confusion.

Our bodies are also made up of energy. When we take care of them well we often experience heightened levels of energy and a zest for life. However, as we navigate our unique life experiences we inevitably encounter stressors. In an effort to overcome difficulties we are experiencing we often create holding patterns without knowing it to bolster our internal resources. On a physical level this can manifest as back pain, headaches, or digestion issues. From an energetic perspective these physical symptoms are indicative that the flow of energy may be compromised. So often we attribute physical discomfort to physical sources. In actuality, physical discomfort can stem from emotional wounds, spiritual disconnection, or the way we move.

Throughout time healers in every culture have discovered that there are specific energy centers in people and animals. These energy centers can become optimized when nurtured,  creating expansion and health. However, these same energy centers respond to our life circumstances, mirroring the challenges we experience in life. These centers are often referred to as chakras. Anatomically each of the seven major chakras is associated with a nerve cluster along the spine.

Energy work is a healing art that promotes the healthy flow of energy throughout all of the energy centers. Energetic bodyworkers are trained to recognize energetic challenges and to facilitate the movement of energy in a holistic manner.

In my practice with clients, I combine energy work interventions with traditional massage therapy techniques to help clients restore energetic flow while also relieving physical aches and pains.

Jeremy Renta is an Energetic Bodyworker and Licensed Massage Therapist. Jeremy is co-owner of Voice Hands Heart, an integrative healing practice in Boulder, CO.